BLLHA'S Targeted Mental Health Awareness Campaign

About the campaign

While it’s no secret that the pandemic has affected the outlook of people far and wide, in a recent survey of our destination, BLLHA found that 93% of local employers are seeing mental distress in their teams.

To help the destination’s workforce, BLLHA has created a hyper-segmented awareness campaign so locals better understand what help is available.   

Three distinct segments of our workforce have been identified to focus efforts on:

    • Staff aged 20-30 who are living away from family
    • Those in management and leadership roles
    • ESL foreign-born workers

How can businesses get involved?

    • Support Packs: Support Packs are available with materials such as posters, floor decals, etc. for back of house employee areas, and for organizations that any of the three segments frequent (local grocers, etc.) to use in their customer-facing areas. To order your support pack (for a limited time) click HERE.
    • Staff Facing Communications: add a note about mental health in newsletters, on your intranet, in welcome letters, etc. using our messaging and include a link to our website ( so your teams have direct access to free targeted supports. 

Please send any questions to Follow the link below to view the support page at



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